It’s the most common question I hear. And it’s a big one!

You know you want a career change.

Maybe you’ve fallen out of love with your work. Or maybe you never had it, and you fell into your career by accident, and somehow the years have gone by and now you want to take charge and forge your own path. Or perhaps it’s more urgent than that, and you can’t stand another day in your job.

Whatever’s pushing you, the trouble is — nothing’s pulling you. You don’t know what you want to do. YET.

Learn how 4 different types of balance will guide you to a happier career

Nearly two-thirds of us suffer from the serious effects of poor life balance, according to the Mental Health Foundation. We sacrifice our health, development, relationships, and home life.

And while we all know it’s possible to boost our productivity, learn better time management, or leaf through flexible working policies, for many of us a simple tweak is not enough. Only a career change will allow us to live as we want to.

But whether balance is the key driver for your career change or just one element of many, it can seem downright impossible to find a new career that…

How to leverage your CV hooks to boost your cover letter impact

Please find attached my resume — old-fashioned?
Please find attached my resume — old-fashioned?

Many modern experts warn it’s old-fashioned to write “Please find attached my CV” in your cover letter. They say the recruiter will think Samuel Pepys is asking for a job.

That may be true, but if you’re just looking for a less stilted way of saying the same thing, then you’re missing the point.

In this article, I’ll dig into the 3 main reasons we feel the need to mention our CV or resume at all. I’ll then explain why giving this phrase valuable white space isn’t a good idea, and finally, I’ll reveal how to link to your CV…

Cut the field of competition to find a job in a tough market

Now Hiring sign
Now Hiring sign
Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

Let’s not beat about the bush. Things are tough. 340 million jobs could be lost worldwide in the last quarter of 2020 alone (source: ILO). In July, more than 1000 hopefuls applied for 1 single restaurant job.

You’re easily good enough, right? You’ve read the job description. You’ve got the essentials, with experience and qualifications to boot. But no matter what you do, you still can’t get a job. It seems you’re just throwing your CV into the dark pit of depair, never to be seen again.

Paul Talbot

I help mid-career professionals reinvent their career to find work they love and create a better quality of life.

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